10' PVC Christmas Tree Kit (12' Tall when you add a Star)

    10' PVC Christmas Tree Kit (12' Tall when you add a Star)

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     10' PVC Tree Kit

     Please check out our 10' tree kit with a metal base. This would be a better investment. Click here

    Be the talk of your neighbor hood! Build this Christmas Tree to display in your front yard. This tree can be used as a stand alone static tree or it can be computerized using a Light O Rama light controller. This kits includes plans and all the pvc fitting and snap-on tees needed to complete this project. You will get a list of the rest of the parts, like 10' lengths of pvc pipe that you can pick up at either Lowes or Home Depot. Add a 2 foor star and have a 12 foot tree

    * Complete design to make the original design shown.
    * Project includes material list of all items needed to complete project.
    * Includes instructional video.
    * Project snaps together and breaks down for easy storage.

    Kit Includes:

    Standard Hook Head
    5-way Pole Stand  5-way Pole Stand
    Guy Wire Collar
    Parts included to build base that shape tree. 3/4” Spears Snap-on tee
    3/4” Dura Snap-on Tees
    1/2" Dura Snap-on Tees
    3/4" to 1/2" schedule 40 reducer
    3/4” 90º schedule 40 elbows
    3/4" x 5' black poly pipe
    1/2" Plastic coupling inserts
    Training Video Video Takes you step by step.
    Bill of Material/Cut List Gives a list of what you got and what you need, along with measurements of everything you need to cut.


    Items You Need To Purchase:

    • mini lights
    • 1 - 10' x 1 1/4" black metal gas pipe*
    • 1 - 10' x 1 1/4" metal electrical conduit* (has no threads on either side)
    • 5-10' pieces of 3/4” white schedle 40 pvc pipe*
    • 1- 5’ piece of 1/2” white schedule 40 pvc pipe*
    • 4 pieces of 10’ x 3/4" PVC pipe*
    • 2 pieces of 10’ x ½” gray pvc pipe*

     * Found at Home Depot, Lowes or local plumber.

    Recommended light lengths: 12' to reach the bottom of the trunk or 13.5 to reach the outer skirt ring.

    Recommended Strings: minimum of 32 strings

    We recommend using mini lights or 5 mm lights. The smaller lights look great and better for windy conditions. Click here to check ours out. 


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