20' Simple Mega Tree Lights going straight to ground

    20' Simple Mega Tree Lights going straight to ground

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    20' Simple Mega Tree Lights going straight to ground

    We are out of the Tree ring anchors and will ship out what you used last year. You will get 8 candy cane shaped anchors. The video does not show you how to install them, all you need to do is place them it the spot that the video shows you and put them in the ground at a 45% angle.

    Create an amazing simple 20' tree that uses a hand crank to get your lights to the top of the tree so that you will neve take your feet off of the ground. This 20' mega tree comes with a Download that will show you how to build this tree. This tree is using 64 strings of mini lights that are 25' long. The excess lights were pulled toward the center pole. You can use 64 strands or more but I recommend at least 48 strands to give you plenty of fullness. 

     Downloadable Instructions and video included.  

    Kit includes: 

    1 - Hand Winch

    1 - Mega Tree Hook Head ( 16 hook )

    1 - Pulley Head

    1 - 5 way pole stand

    1 - Pole Pin

    4 - Guy-wires

    8 - base anchors

    100 – Releasable ties

    Things you need to purchase:

    2- 10' x 1 1/4" pipe (Lowes or Home Depot)

    2- 10' x 1 1/2" pipe (Lowes or Home Depot)

    4- 10' x 1" electrical grey pvc pipe (Lowes or Home Depot)


    Recommended light lengths: 22' to reach the ground.

    Recommended Strings: minimum of 48 strings.

    We recommend using mini lights or 5 mm lights. The smaller lights look great and better for windy conditions. Click here to check ours out. 

    ** Star, lights, light controller are not included in this kit. Instructions will give you a list of materials