Animated Santa Claus

    Animated Santa Claus

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    Animated Santa Claus

    Click Here  if you need already made Light-O-Rama Sequences

    with Audio voice files for Talking Santa.


    Talking Santa Sign. Overall size 44in x 44in with 1.5in border for 2x4 frame. Requires 3 or 4 light controller channels.

    The 4th channel is used to make the eyes blink, so Santa becomes more realistic. 

    Bulbs Required: 465
    Beard, Eyebrows, Tassle: 330
    Mouth open: 85 bulbs
    Mouth Closed: 50 bulbs

    Hat, Cheeks and Nose: 263 red bulbs
    Eyes: 44 blue bulbs.

    Reverse side comes scribed with lines to make installing bulbs easy. Comes only in White coro. Ships folded in half.

    Requires knowledge of Light-O-Rama(LOR) and LOR hardware and software.



    Click Here to see image on page by itself. 

    Download Instructions on how to Install lights and build a character sign using 2"x4" wood.

    Download Instructions on how to make a pvc frame for your character sign.Download Instructions on how to build a character sign using pvc pipe.

    ** Lights not included