2 Channel Fading Light Controller

    2 Channel Fading Light Controller

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    Use this clever controller to add the exciting look of action to your lighted yard displays (as in the projects below) or simply alternate the power between two different displays or two strings of lights on a Christmas tree.

    Indoor/Outdoor Controller plugs directly into a 110 volt outlet. Light sets for each channel plug into the bottom. Power alternates between the two channels, gradually increasing to maximum then fading to zero. Speed knob controls the timing between cycles.

    Maximum load rating is 5 amps, 500 watts per channel. 



    • 2 Channel fader controller
    • 120Volt; 5.0Amps; 600Watts
    • Alternating 2 channel fade
    • Adjustable Speed / Fade Rate
    • 2 - polarized receptacles
    • 2ft Power Cord
    • Weight 1.2lbs; Dim 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 x 2 1/8 inches