Christmas Brick Clips (Queen Size)

    Christmas Brick Clips (Queen Size)

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    Brick Clips

    • Great for hanging wreaths, garlands, and lights on brick wall
    • Supports up to 25 pounds
    • Easy clip-on installation

    Decorate your chimney walls or exterior of your brick-layered building or home this holiday season with these brick clips CLIP-10012 by Christmas Lite Co.

    Installation takes only seconds, just fasten this clip to the face of your 2-1/2 in. to 2-3/4 in. brick and you are ready to start hanging decorations. You can also use multiple clips to support items heavier than 25 pounds.

    In order to securely fasten these clips to your brick surface, measure to ensure there is at least 1/8 in. of space between the brick and mortar so the clip can properly grip the surface.