Giant Toy Soldier wood plans

    Giant Toy Soldier wood plans

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    Giant Toy Soldier for yard display.

    90" Tall X Approx. 28" wide

    One 4' x 8' sheet of 1/2" or 3/4" thick exterior grade plywood
    1X2 X 4' long board (for mounting stake)

    Hand-held Sabre saw

    This can be displayd in your yard supported by a steel rode, conduit,or wood stake (Instructions are on pattern.)

    White primer (#PRIMQT) for a base coat and the following suggested colors of acrylic paint or exterior semi-gloss enamel:
    2051 Copen Blue
    2083 Fire Red (2 Bottles)
    2408 Napthol Crimson
    2466 Dunes
    2505 White
    2506 Black (2 Bottles)
    2602 Kim Gold

    High-grade, non-yellowing, semi-gloss UV protected project sealer (#POLYQT) for outdoor protection.