GINORMOUS White Reindeer #2 Pattern

    GINORMOUS White Reindeer #2 Pattern

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    Wood: six sheets of 4' x 8' x 3/4" thick exterior grade plywood, preferably 5-ply for better stability

    five 3/8" dia. x 2" long carriage bolts
    five 3/8" nuts
    five 3/8" I.D., flat washers
    (Available in W1448KIT)

    hand held sabre saw with a smooth cutting non-chipping, scrolling blade
    drill and a 3/8" dia. drill bit

    transfer paper (#CARB2), pencil & clear tape
    sand paper-medium & fine grits
    wood glue-exterior
    wood filler-non shrinking, fast drying for wood flaws
    paint brush and roller

    primer-white water base (#PRIMQT)
    white exterior latex enamel