LED Curtain strobe light (1 Flash Per 3 Seconds) Led 1/3

    LED Curtain strobe light (1 Flash Per 3 Seconds) Led 1/3

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    Flashes 1 flash every 3 seconds.

    Water Resistant Strobes


    (not water proof)

    This is a slower strobe that flashes 1 flash 3 per seconds. The majority of decorators use the 3 to 4 flashes per second. This strobe is best used for in wreaths or large Christmas trees to give a slower sparkle look.

    This eight sided octagon strobe design breaks the light into infinite beams creating a stunning sparkle. Catch everyone's attention when you place multiple strobes in virtually any position. This strobe has a flash rate of 1 flash per second.


    • Strobes come with a C9 socket built on the end, this makes installation much easier and faster, no more messy cords.
    • Easier to hang strobes in trees. By using C9 light stringing's, you can hand strobe easier and space the strobes as far apart as you desire. No more worrying about water running down cord and seeping inside the strobe. Backside is sealed and screw holes have silicone.
    • Water resistant. The lens cover contains an oil ring and screw wholes at the bottom have silicone placed in the screw holes. Although these strobes are not made for out side, they will not get water inside. These strobes were submerged (extreme test) under water for several days and only a little moisture got inside. Since new strobes are so air tight they should help prevent build up of condensation, but have not been tested yet. We have tested them in a freezer for days and they have not accumulated any signs of moisture.


    Caution: When using strobes with light controllers, turning them on and off rapidly or using them with fading or lower intensities can damage them. These strobes are not specifically made for outdoors, but have been used successfully outdoors by hundreds of decorators. Since strobes will go in so many different environments it is hard to say who will have problems with condensation, since the new strobes are so air tight we believe that the condensation problem will be reduced or eliminated. Please watch your strobes during the season. If you do have condensation build up, the you will need to place two holes in the end facing the ground. For example, if you hang them in trees the lens cover will be hanging down, so you will need to drill holes in the lens. You can also burn holes in with a soldering iron. If you have the strobes on the ground and see condensation building in the lens, you will need two holes in the bottom of the strobe. I recommend burning holes in this end because you can damage the circuit board if the drill bit hit it. Two holes will make the strobe breathe and dry out better.

    Tips for Placing strobes:

    On the ground: Placing strobes on the ground is much easier. I personally prefer my strobes to be 4' to 6' apart. I have only seen 3' spacing in c9 light strings, if you have any c9 light stings with 3' spacing, you can skip every other socket and simply place a cap or tape up the empty socket. Each socket can be held up vertically by using c9 socket holders.