Light Tower Stacker (8 Channel Kit)

    Light Tower Stacker (8 Channel Kit)

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    10' Tall Light Tower Stacker (8 Channel Kit)


    Light tower stackers is a pole that runs the lights up and down a pole to give your show an amazing effect.

    Kit includes:

    1. 16 pvc inserts to make 8-15" long light stackers for a 10' pole (light stackers can be10' or 20' tall (20' requires pole pin)
    2. 1- 5-way pole stand

    You need to purchase:

    1-10' pole. Pole can be either 10' piece of electrical conduit (looks like fence post) or 10' piece of schedule 40 metal pipe.

    32 3/4"  self drilling screws

    If you would like to add a Star holder and guy wire arms, click here.


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