Medium Silent Night Wood Pattern

    Medium Silent Night Wood Pattern

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    2/3 Life-Size is 77" to the top of Star X approx. 75" W X 33" D
    (Without the Star the Stable is about 65" T)
    Joseph - approx. 43-1/2" T

    3/4" Thick Plywood (1-1/2 Sheets)

    SAW: Hand-Held Sabre Saw (Jig Saw)

    (4) TDS - Tie Down Stakes
    (1) EYE3 - Eyescrews
    (4) #YS11 - Yard Stakes
    (1) #YSC1 - Yard Stake Clamps
    (2) CARB3 - Pattern Transfer paper

    PAINT: White Exterior Semi Gloss Enamel