North Pole Express Woodcraft Pattern

    North Pole Express Woodcraft Pattern

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    Winfield Express. This pattern is all one piece not three separate ones.

    89" Long 29" High

    1/2" or 3/4" Exterior grade wood

    Sabre Saw

    The Old Pattern Did Not Have Smoke Coming From The Engine. This is an added item on the pattern.

    To Stand In The Ground Use One Of The Following Options:
    4 or 5 foot steel fence post and a carriage bolt or a wooden 2 x 2 stake and a lag bolt.

    P2019- Fleshtone
    P2043- Tangerine
    P2046- Adobe
    P2055- Autumn
    P2057- Quaker Grey
    P2068- Christmas Green P2083- Fire Red
    P2401- Light Ivory
    P2406- Mendocino
    P2416- Liberty Blue
    P2424- Bambi
    P2458- Nectar
    P2466- Dunes
    P2504- Yellow
    P2505- White
    P2506- Black

    For maximum protection coat your entire project with at least two coats of durable sealer