Pole Pin (24") for Mega Tree

    Pole Pin (24") for Mega Tree

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    24" Mega Tree Pole Pin 

    See video in tab at bottom left.

    The pole pin's purpose is to connect two pieces of 1 1/4" x black metal pipe or 1 1/4 electrical conduit. This connection is safer than using a coupling to connect two pieces together. You simply insert the pole pin into your first pipe and then slide the second pipe over the other end of the pole pin now you have a strong 20' pole. This pole pin was created for our mega tree design. This is an alternative to using a coupling that is not designed for vertical support of a 10' length of pipe. If you have a windy year, this can with stand the high wind and will not break like a malleable coupling will.

    Note: Some pipe will have a bead of weld that may prevent the pole pin from sliding in. This can be fixed by simply taking a file on 5" on each pipe until the pole pin slides in. Another problem that can prevent a pole pin from entering the pipe is if the end is tapered when the pipe manufacturers threaded the end of the pipe. This can be fixed by cutting the thread off of the end of the pipe.

    Pole Pin for Mega Christmas Tree