Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Boston Pops Light O Rama Sequence

    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Boston Pops Light O Rama Sequence

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    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. By Boston Pops
    This song can be purchased on A Christmas Festival at Amazon.Com

    Light-O-Rama Sequences for people with limited time or people that just want almost Plug-N-Play. This sequence is a 16 channel musical sequence and is designed to work with a 16 channel Light-O-Rama Controller and can be cut n pasted to another controller or parts of the sequence can be cut n pasted to ohter parts of your display. You just plug the lights in and let it go! You will have access to a training tutorials that will teach you how to cut-n-paste beats and other effects to different segments of your display, plus more.. If you see a sequences that are for 32 channels or more, they will be sequences that you have a lot sounds like horns, piano, drums, etc. Sometimes songs have beats that happen at the same time and these beats sounds cannot be used in a smaller display because it will make the sequence look chaotic.

    Included with Sequence: Each sequence comes with several training videos on how to make sure the audio file you use will work with this sequence to Linking the audio file to sequence, etc. 

    All sequences are downloaded after purchase. You will recieve and email after purchase with a link to download your sequence(s).