Small Silent Night Wood Pattern

    Small Silent Night Wood Pattern

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    Striking and simple 6-piece Nativity scene with tab and slot construction (for space-saving flat storage).

    Stable - 49" tall to the top of the star
    Joseph, Mary and Manger - up to 28-1/2" tall
    Sheep - 11" tall and 7" tall

    1/2" thick exterior grade plywood, good 1 or 2 sides, preferably 5-ply for better stability (about 3/4 of a sheet)

    Hand-held sabre saw

    Winfield Parts:
    Tie Down Stakes - Three 3/16" x 10" long steel rod (#TDS)
    Eyescrews - 5/16" I.D. (1 package of #EYE3)

    Paint both sides and all edges with a good quality exterior enamel (white).

    Sealer: Optional
    High-grade, non-yellowing, semi-gloss UV protected project sealer (#POLYQT) for additional outdoor protection.