Virtual Santa on USB Thumb Drive,1900 lumen LED Video Projector and Projection material bundle.

    Virtual Santa on USB Thumb Drive,1900 lumen LED Video Projector and Projection material bundle.

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    Virtual Reality Santa Decoration Video with Video Projector. PLUS HUGE BONUS!



    1900 Lumen LED Video Projector with Virtual Santa video on a  thumb drive.

    Set up is so easy! Simply hang rear projection material in your window like a window shade, place video projector approximately 6 feet from your window, focus and you are ready. Watch from outside and you can see that Santa is inside the house delivering toys to those children "not naughty, but nice"!More specifically, the video features Santa walking into a room with a bag of gifts. He pulls gifts from his bag after checking his list -- not once, but twice. He begins to unload gifts, right inside your house. After unloading toys, he becomes exhausted.Santa then tries to find the milk and cookies left out for him by the kiddies. He succeeds! Santa will occasionally come closer to the decorated window, with a lighted candle in hand, looking right out at your neighbors. While waving to your neighbors, Santa says, "Merry Christmas"! This, one of a kind, decoration video is created in a such a special manner, it forecasts a realistic 3D illusion. The video will make Santa Claus look like he is really there, rather than a tv screen. If you follow the directions closely, you can truly create a "Virtual Illusion" that looks fantastically real. With this video, you'll be amazed at how easy decorating can be with a video projector!

    Kit Includes:

    • 1900 Lumen LED Video Projector
    • Virtual Santa Video on Thumb Drive (Video Will repeat over and over until you turn off the projector). 
    • 40" x 60" projection screen
    • Santa's Workshop DVD
    • Mrs. Claus Scenes, Santa scenes and Scrooge DVD
    • Santa's Work Shop DVD
    • Santa, Mrs. Claus and Jingle the elf download. 

    This projector Works on 110 US volts or 220 volts for European and Australian electricity. For International orders, please select international plug desired when you add this product to your shopping cart. 

    Scenes: ( All scenes will have a 90 degree version, this requires the video projector to be turned side ways. This will make a taller and more life size Santa)