Joy Nativity Wood Pattern

    Joy Nativity Wood Pattern

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    Show your christmas spirit this season with our exclusive one-piece joy nativity design. A fun project to make and one you'll be proud to display.

    45" tall x 65"long

    One 4' x 6' piece of 1/2" thick exterior grade plywood
    Two 1X2 x 24" long wood stakes for mounting

    Hand-held sabre saw

    Stakes - Two 3/8" x 18" long fiberglass rods (#YS18)
    Clamps - 3/8" (1 pack #YSC2)

    Display in yard supported by a steel rod, conduit or wood stake.

    White primer (#PRIMQT) for a base coat and the following suggested colors of acrylic paint or exterior semi-gloss enamel:
    2015 Purple
    2020 Red Iron Oxide
    2023 Brown Iron
    2037 Blue Heaven
    2047 Lavender
    2048 Grape
    2055 Autumn
    2057 Quaker Grey
    2062 Maple Sugar
    2069 Wedgwood Blue
    2074 Ocean Blue
    2078 Straw
    2090 Hippo Grey
    2093 Pigskin
    2131 Nightfall
    2403 Lilac
    2411 Raw Sienna
    2424 Bambi
    2436 Charcoal
    2453 Wild Rice
    2459 Crocus Yellow
    2462 Rainforest
    2463 Cactus
    2466 Dunes
    2467 Wisteria
    2471 Hunter Green
    2505 White
    2506 Black

    High-grade, non-yellowing, semi-gloss UV protected project sealer (#POLYQT) for outdoor protection.