10' Simple outdoor Christmas Tree Kit

    10' Simple outdoor Christmas Tree Kit

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    10' Simple outdoor Christmas Tree Kit

    Instructions can be downloaded after purchase. 


    10 Tree

    10 Tree


    This tree is a simple 10' tree with lights that go straight to a base ring on the ground. You will recieve parts listed below and step by step plans. Lights need to be 10.8' long. You can use a 20' string for example and fold it in half or a 33' foot string and take it up and down to get three strings. We recommend at least 32 -10.5' segments going up and down this tree. 

    Kit Includes:

    • 24" Star with rope light kit
    • Standard hook head
    • guy-wire collar
    • Guy Rope
    • Ground Anchors
    • Ground Tree Ring Anchors
    • Plans for assembly

    Items you need to purchase:

    1. 1-10' x 1" metal non threaded EMT pole. 
    2. 2-10' x 3/4" gray electrical pvc pipe. 

    Recommended light lengths: 11' to reach the ground 

    Recommended Strings: minimum of 32 strings. This can be achieved by using 16 - 22' strings (or longer) folded in half. 

    We recommend using mini lights or 5 mm lights. The smaller lights look great and better for windy conditions. Click here to check ours out. 

    Instructions PDF download is available after your purchase.

    * Lights and light controller not included